GENERAL INFO, RULES, FAQ, ... all subject to change as stuff comes up.

8th Annual (2018)


We are always in need of volunteers, and couldn't do it without you!  If you would like to host an aid station or help with the finish line, please contact Tony or Shawn. 


Please keep in mind that this race is organized by a small group of dedicated volunteers with full-time jobs and their own races to train for.  We promise to do our best to provide all runners with a great racing experience. All the while we will remember to have fun as we have been known for not taking ourselves too seriously. 


The race is available as a 2- or 3-person relay.  Since relay teams sign up as a group, and not individually, this option gives you more flexibility in case you cannot find a third team member, or if one person has to drop out before the race. We will NOT have a separate 2-person relay team division, however.

Approximate mileage per relay leg: 
First leg:  9 miles      Second Leg: 8 miles     Third Leg:  9.2 miles. The third leg is the most strenuous. 

Relay exchanges will be obvious. The first relay exchange has limited parking.  Look to aid station volunteers to direct parking.  Please drop off your exchange runner and move farther down the road to avoid congestion.  Always keep sight of racers along the course.

Waiting relay runners should be positioned at the exchange site, slap hands and then start their leg.


Aid stations will be located at the following mile markers: 4.5, 9 (relay xchg), 13, 17 (relay xchg), 20, and 23.

The aid stations will have water, gatorade, fruit, and other food TBD. We recommend that all runners carry additional liquids and calories according to their needs. Volunteers will close up the aid stations 6 hours after the race start.

*Parking is available but limited at all locations; i.e. start, exchange zones & finish. Carpooling is highly encouraged. 

*If you do not have an Alaska State Parks parking sticker, there is a $5 fee to park at the finish line at the Independence Mine State Historical Park "bowl" parking area.

*The Department of Transportation does not allow parking or spectating within 30 feet of the roadway:  If you are crewing for a runner or driving for a relay team, please keep this in mind.  

*If you are crewing for a runner or driving for a relay team, please get a "Caution-Runners on Road" sign to put in your rear view window (the signs will be at the check-in table on race morning).

*If you are crewing for a runner or driving for a relay team, please use caution when pulling off of and back onto the roadway; be aware of other vehicles traveling at high speeds, off road-vehicles, and other runners.  
Timing will be provided by:  Potentially synchronized wristwatches; iphone clock; or sundial.  There is no chip timing.

We will not provide individual leg times for relay team members (although please feel free to do so on your own).

Official finish times may not be available for runners completing the course 7 hours after race start, and timing officials may have left the finish line.  Runners finishing late may email race organizer their run time for listing under "unofficial" results.  If you anticipate that this run may take you more than 6 hours we highly recommend that you take the 7 a.m. early start.  This marathon is NOT intended for hikers and walkers.  
If for any reason you decide to drop out of the race (or, you signed in, picked up your bib, but then get second thoughts on this jaunt and decide to spend your day elsewhere), please let an official (any of the people with stop watches and clipboards) know, and present your bib number for identification.  We do not wish having to go on a head hunt for missing runners at the end of a long day on the course.
Please be courteous to other runners, State Park employees, and tourists on the trail.  And, make sure to thank a volunteer!

As much as we love our dogs, no dogs are allowed to run with you on the course.  

Do not litter! You may leave your trash at the aid stations, but don't expect volunteers to pick up after you along the race course.  There is a secret trash patrol squad who will not be afraid to publicly shame any offenders at the post-race awards.

You will be required to sign a race waiver when you sign up on

Potential hazards and inconveniences of the race include, but are not limited to:  Traffic (NO road closures during race), serious dust in dry weather, yucky muck in wet weather, brutal exposure to the elements due to high elevation, and/or falling flat on your face due to cramping in the last mile of the race.  

Traffic generally picks up around noon.  On the Willow side of the pass, expect 4-wheelers as well as off-road vehicles. Please be courteous. Many of these people are camping there overnight and may not be aware of the race.

Consider a cap, or visor, and sunscreen if it's nice out, and a beanie hat, gloves, and windbreaker if it's foul.

Wildlife encounters have been reported, so be aware that you'll be running through bear country.

In exchange for all this you'll get stunning scenery, a major runner's high, and a cool t-shirt!